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Our mission statement:

To help our clients in the US and abroad find innovative ways to achieve sustainable growth and profitability


General Market Strategy

Putting the pieces of market puzzles together is never easy. Markets are complex and in constant movement. Here’s how we help you:

  • Through market research, we help you determine where best to concentrate your resources the best outcomes.
  • Through probing questions and careful listening, we help you select high potential goals, and show you how to achieve them
  • Through thorough analysis the realities of the market place, we help you design entry and growth structures for your markets.

We Put the Pieces of the Puzzle Together


  • Through structured brainstorming, we help you develop effective positioning and differentiation strategies that distinguish your products, from your competition.
  • Through systematic innovation processes, we help you create new offerings to compete successfully in your market.
  • Through direct contact with your markets, we help you develop successful distribution channel strategies.

    International Market Strategy
Winning Your Business World Cup
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In addition to the General Marketing Strategy assistance mentioned above, in the international market place we help you win your business world cup:

  • Find the right markets for growing your business profitably.
  • Adapt offerings and distribution to local cultures.
  • Negotiate, or guide negotiations, with local entities.
  • International business intelligence
  • International acquisition searches, due diligence, negotiating, and new company assimilation process
  • Development of distribution systems,
  • Private label, brand, product, technology licensing, and packaging agreements
  • International alliances, acquisitions, joint ventures
  • International raw material, intermediate, component, equipment, manufacturing, and product sourcing

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